Reclaimed European Mixed Grade Sleeper Offer


This offer is for a random selection of sleepers of mixed A and/or B grades. No particular grade is guaranteed.

  • Grade A sleeper: A Grade A railway sleeper is a used sleeper in good condition. It will have bolt holes where the tracks were attached to it and possibly a certain amount of damage or slight wane is acceptable. It is very sound, free from rot and can be used for stacking, building retaining walls and many other uses. Approx 55kg in weight.
  • Grade B sleeper: A Grade B railway sleeper can have serious damage to most sides. A larger amount of rot to the underside is allowable, a grade B sleeper will always have one good face and so can be used to edge driveways, stand portable buildings or containers on or a plethora of other uses. Approx 50kg in weight.

£16.00 + VAT per sleeper. Minimum purchase of 20 sleepers per order.

Please Note: These items are sold on an “as is” basis. We do not offer refunds nor will we exchange sleepers. If you are interested in this product we recommend that you visit our depot to view the available stock.

Normal delivery charges apply. Please call the office if you wish to collect.

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