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Harvey’s Block Salt


Please note, due to an extreme shortage of Harvey’s Block Salt, customers are currently only allowed to order a maximum of 10 packs. We apologise for any inconvenience and hope the manufacturer will rectify the situation soon.

Block Salt is so simple to handle, each block is the size of a house brick and weighs 4 kg, they come in packs of two (i.e. 2 x 4kg blocks) with a carry handle.Manufactured in England, there are no additives in the salt – it’s absolutely pure. Block Salt is the most convenient way to replenish a water softener. Clean, easy and safe.

The blocks of salt sits into 1 cm of water in the salt tank…dissolving slowly from the bottom. Once the salt drops to about a third of it’s size, another block can be placed on top. Ensuring there is always some salt in the machine.

Minimum order 10 units.

NB: Please note packaging has been re-branded by Harvey’s. See here »

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